Adult Books


Kyra has been instructed since the moment she took her very first breath, to prevent the Darkness from rising and wreaking havoc on Earth. Finding the Dark Prince has always been her life’s purpose.  However, all of that changes the day she meets her friends “hot date”.

Lies are exposed and enemies emerge. Bringing unexpected challenges and countless battles she will have to fight.  Within her is the power to stop what is coming but will Kyra choose to follow what she has always known or will fate intervene?

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The Darkness grows stronger every day and it’s only a matter of time before the Prince comes forth and finally reveals his identity. Adding to the mounting list of trials that Kyra is facing, the intense attraction and blossoming relationship with her newly found soulmate Duncan is becoming increasingly harder by the minute to ignore. As they spend more and more time together, will they be able to resist the building temptation growing between them in order to face what’s yet to come?

Now that she is bonded with her mate, Kyra will face battles she’s never even dreamed of. Everything Kyra knows comes crashing down on her when she uncovers lies so monumental that it rocks the very foundation of who she is and she becomes conflicted on what to believe is true. Will Kyra and Duncan be able to stand together as soulmates against what is coming, or will the trials they face stand in their way of ending it all?

Children’s Books


This book is designed to encourage children to interact with the alphabet by using bright colours and illustrations.

They will learn phonics and spelling including both uppercase and lowercase letters, with over 200 images to flip through.

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This book is designed to encourage children to interact with words by using bright colours and illustrations. Each scene is filled with multiple images to assist with your child’s cognitive learning.

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