Revelations is coming!

The time has come. I can’t believe it, pre-orders for my new medieval romance are now open on my website and on amazon. If you are a fan of the television show Reign than this book is for you.

In other news, we are currently 13 days away from Christmas! This year has just flown. Are you ready? or do you still have more shopping to do? I for one am done. I just need to buy the food which is easy because we having a laid-back BBQ lunch this year. What are your plans?

Did you know that Conflictus is currently participating in a free online promo through bookfunnel?

You can grab a copy here:

Sadie lives her days as the Queens most trusted ladies maid. She cannot recall a time where a war hasn’t raged between the Queen’s husband, the King and his younger brother, Duke Stephan.

No one knows what caused the rift between them, only that the Duke was exiled to live in the Highlands soon after his return from a mission in the Sway.

They have been at war for years and with the Duke’s armies getting closer everyday, the castle is on high alert and Sadie is finding it increasingly difficult to steal time for her and her lover, Sir Joshua, a Knight of Castle Rae.

While assisting the groundsman one day, Sir Joshua stumbles across some papers hidden deep within a trunk in the west wing. Not knowing what they mean, he seeks Sadie’s help to uncover the secrets hidden within the letters. What secrets have they unburied, and will Sadie uncover the truth before the Dukes armies arrive and destroy it all?

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Always and forever



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